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Discovery of a New Species of Slow Loris

Discovery of a New Species of Slow Loris – Nycticebus kayan News websites have been carrying stories of new species of Slow Loris which has been identified by a group of researchers in Borneo. Slow Loris are nocturnal animals more closely related to lemurs than monkeys and are unusual in that they have a toxic […]

Taman Negara – TRIP REPORT – December 2012

Taman Negara – Trip Report – December 2012 After a couple of previous trips to Sungai Relau (Merapoh), I was keen to get back and spend more time at  Taman Negara. The trip was very similar to my previous ones (July and October).  I drove from KLIA to Merapoh and stayed at the Sungai Relau […]