Port Fairy Pelagic Trip

Pelagic birds are a subset of seabirds that spend all their lives far out at sea, only coming into land to breed and are best seen via specialist ‘pelagic bird trips’.  Like most wildlife experiences, part of the attraction is the uncertainty of what may been seen but the possibilities included albatross, petrels, shearwaters plus a […]

The Grampians – one of Australia’s wildlife havens….

The Grampians National Park in Victoria is a 3-4 hour drive from the City of Melbourne and is an area of outstanding beauty and abundant wildlife. It’s pretty civilized with ‘touring’ routes that take you through bushland, up the sandstone escapement and through picturesque farmland.  There is also great range of accommodation and amenities making […]

One of Australia’s Oddities!

Echidnas are monotremes (mammals that lay eggs), of which there are only three species of monotreme in the world – the platypus and two species of echidna, the Short-beaked (found all over Australia and southern New Guinea) and the Long-beaked (which is restricted to the New Guinea highlands). Echidnas are 30 cm to 45 cm in length […]

Sri Lanka 2013 – More Images

Here are a few more of my favorite images from a trip to Sri Lanka earlier in the year..

Sulawesi’s Endemic Kingfishers

Sulawesi has been described as the “Kingfisher Capital of the World’ and kingfishers are certainly one of the big draws for bird- and nature-watchers.  A total of 9 species can be seen at the right times and of these, 5 are endemic to Sulawesi. I was fortunate enough to see all 5 of the endemic […]

Spectral Tarsier

Most visitors go to Tangkoko to see on thing – the Spectral Tarsier.  Tangkoko is probably the easiest or most reliable place in Asia to see these enigmatic mammals.  Their roosting trees are known to the rangers and if you arrive before dusk, you can witness these creatures emerging and sitting for a while before […]

Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouths are a species of frogmouth found throughout the Australian mainland.  They hunt at night but spend the day roosting on a dead log or branch, staying very still and upright to blend in.  Like all frogmouths, their camouflage is excellent and spotting them during the day can be a big challenge! Fortunately, there […]

A stroke of luck!

After spending days, if not weeks, spent searching for and staking out pittas in the steamy, leech infested jungles of Taman Negara for very little return, I was cursing all those who had written trip reports boasting of ‘mind-boggling views of a confiding pitta’. Pittas must be on the shortlist of all birders visiting South […]

Borneo Trip Report – 26th February to 4th March 2013: Part II SEPILOK

Continued from PART I Kinabalu and Poring Hot Springs PART II:  Sepilok 1st March 2013 The next few days were going to be spent at the Rainforest Discovery Centre – a boon for wildlife photographers with its wide trails, towers and canopy walkways.  The area is not huge but a few days there really gives a […]

Borneo Trip Report – 26th February to 4th March 2013: Part I Mt Kinabalu and Poring Hot Springs

I had a last minute opportunity to go to Borneo for a week at the end of March.  There are numerous good spots for birdwatching, but one of the best places for photography, in my opinion, is the Sepilok area.  I was able to get a reasonable priced flight to Kota Kinabalu (KK) but connecting […]

Sri Lanka Trip Report – Jan/Feb 2013 (PART II)

Continued from Sri Lanka Trip Report – Jan/Feb 2013 (PART I) 31st January 2013 – Nuwara Eliya and Horton Plains An early start the next day to arrive at the Horton Plains National Park entrance for it opening to give us the best chance of seeing the whistling thrush. Around the gate in the first light […]

Sri Lanka Trip Report – Jan/Feb 2013 (PART I)

SRI LANKA TRIP REPORT – JAN / FEB 2013 Written by:  David Hill & Chris Hill SUMMARY: – 15 night trip to Sri Lanka between 25th January 2013 and 9th February 2013– Key objectives were to see all the Sri Lankan endemic birds and also enjoy whale watching and leopard spotting– All objectives were met […]

North Sulawasi – Tangkoko and the surrounding area

North Sulawasi – Tangkoko and the surrounding area Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve (Tangkoko) is the most accessible place to view the Sulawesi lowland fauna and flora – including around 50 of the Sulawesi endemic birds.  It can also be combined with trips to the highlands (Lore Lindu) or Halmahera if time allows to increase the […]

Taman Negara – Sungai Relau (Merapoh)

Taman Negara is the largest and probably most famous National Park in Malaysia, covering 4,343 square kilometers of what is described as “the world’s oldest tropical rainforest”. For the nature lover, this means a whole lot of opportunities to see SE Asia’s lowland wildlife.  It also unfortunately means a lot of leeches, periods of seeing […]